Dansk tekst

Pedigree for the S-litter

Sturla is blue and white. Sturla is sold.

Sturla invaded sweet aunt Laura's bed and fell asleep on his back.

Selma is balcksmoke and white. Selma is sold.

The S-litter was born 14. August 2009. Here they are 6 weeks old. Form left Sverre, Selma, Sturla, and Snorre.

Selma 12 weeks old.

Snorre 12 weeks old.

Sturla 12 weeks old.

Sturla, blue-white male, is for sale.

Snorre, black and white male, is sold.

Selma, black smoke and white female. For sale.

Sverre, blotched tabby silver with white, male, stays with us.

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