Romance and early pictures

The B-litter was born August 17th 1998.

The sire is IC Tilia Novas Gutenberg ( pedigree ). A remarkable young cat, who has gained 3 NOMs and 9 BIVs in his show career. Unfortunately his natural male behaviour conflicted with his owner's desire of a nicely smelling home. Therefore these kittens will be his only offspring.

The dam is IC Buens Avedine ( pedigree ). She has gained 2 NOMs and 2 BIVs in her career.

Gutenberg visiting Avedine.

A very romantic scene.

The kittens 19 days old.

The kittens 8 weeks old. Left to right: Bergliot, Brynhilde, Boltar and Baldur.

More pictures of the kittens 18 days old.

More pictures of the kittens 8 weeks old.

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