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Pedigree of the k litter The K-litter 2 weeks old

The K-litter 5 weeks old. From left Ketil, Kerstin, Kraka, Knut, and Katinka.

The K-litter 8 weeks old:

Katinka has beautyful colours. Katinka is sold.

Kerstin is a very sweet and purring and a very active girl. Kerstin is sold.

Kraka is silvertortietabby with white like her mother. To the right she is together with Knut and Ketil. Kraka is sold.

Knut is red blotched tabby with white.To the right he is together with Ketil and Kerstin. Knut is sold.

Ketil is tiger tabby with white like his father. Ketil is sold.

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