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Pedigree of the G litter.

The G-litter 3 Months Old

Geira is a big and loadly purring girl.

Gulnare is an active, playful hunter with show talent.

Garfield is big red teddy bear cat.

The G-litter 5 1/2 weeks old

The G-litter (5 1/2 weeks old). Fom left Gulnare (Blacktortie blotched tabby), Garfield (Red mackerel tabby with white paws), and Geira (Silver mackerel tabby with white).

The G-litter 3 weeks old

From left Garfield, Gulnare, and Geira. In the back their mother, Avedine.

The G-litter 1 week old

From left Gulnare, Geira, and Garfield. In the back their mother, Avedine.

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