CH Orchideas Frække Frida

Dansk tekst.

Frida was our first NFO. In the spring of 1995 she learned us a lot about the difference between NFOs and ordinary cats. Jumping 5 metres down from an open window is not a problem (only for the spectators; we do not open the first floor windows wide any more) and it is a necessity if there is a prey outside.

Frida is an eager hunter. 7 months old she caught a dove. Hiding in the tall grass she surprised the dove. She sat on its wings for three minutes not knowing what to do next. Then she decided to see what the dove's next move could be. She released it and it flew away, unharmed but wiser.

The viper is the only poison snake in Denmark. Its bite can be lethal to children and small animals. Each year we have one or two sightings of vipers around our recreation house by the North Sea. Over the years we have been wondering how Fridas first encounter with a viper would turn out. In October 1997 we found out: She brought it into the house to play with - alive!

Frida reached the age of 14 1/2 years. Her kidneys began to underperform and she was put to sleep.

Show achievements

Frida has earned a champion title, and her show career will not go much further.

She has a long tail and fine proportions. In the winter she develops an impressive woolen undercoat. Judges have complained that she was too light when young (3 kg, she is a sporty type, now she weighs 3.5 kg), that she has too few guard hairs (all that wool does not count) (persian-oriented judges love her fur), and that her head is too short (we think she looks cute).

Fridas pedigree.

Young Frida in winter coat by the North Sea.

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