Dansk tekst.

How to choose a stud? There are many criteria:

For a while we considered importing a male from Sweden or Norway; but we realised that it would
take some travelling to assure the fulfilment of the criteria.

Then we heard that Mico and Vilde had made 5 male kittens. Through the years we have followed
both parents at shows where they have performed well, and we knew they had made some good
kittens in a previous litter. Vilde is imported from Norway, so Sigurds pedigree is rather unique.
And the breeder lives only 2 km away. much more convenient solution.

Sigurd starred in a TV-commercial for HydroTexaco when he was 6 weeks old.
(Yes, in Denmark cats sell gasoline!)

Here Sigurd is asleep in front of his father Mico.

Right now Sigurd is busy growing, five months old he weighed 4kg.

Ten months old he weighs 6.6 kg.

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