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Review of Object-Oriented Analysis & Design - UML

Reviews of Mathiassen, Munk-Madsen, Nielsen og Stage: Object-Oriented Analysis & Design.

Dr John R. Venable, Senior Lecturer, Curtin University of Technology, Perth, Western Australia:

This terrific book provides a clear and practical introduction to object-oriented analysis and design. It is based upon a clear and easy-to-understand conceptualization of the role of information systems and of their development. It combines this basis with a logical, coherent, and straightforward approach to development that addresses major development issues, including problem exploration and definition, user participation, social and organizational concerns, architectures without performance bottlenecks, as well as effective documentation. Most importantly, it emphasizes what is important over what is just window-dressing, addressing the rationale for why the method is constructed in the way it is. The book does all of this in a simple, readable style replete with concise chapter summaries and examples along the way and contrasting comprehensive case studies at the end.

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